Table of Content
Blog Post
  1. Table of Content
  2. Introduction
  3. Data Encoding
  4. Error Coding
  5. Structuring
  6. Placement
  7. Masking
  8. Information
  9. Congratulations
  1. Encoding Level data (ECL)
  2. Mode Indicator
  3. Character Count Indicator (CCI)
  4. Encoding Table (EC)
  5. Generator Polynomials
  6. Log & Antilog table
  7. Format Information
  8. Version information
The QRCode Specification and it's implementations follow a step by step process. Each of them are independent.
You can read any the blog post in any order. I would advise — if you plan on doing your own implementation — to fully read the blog post before starting.
Diving in... 3... 2... 1...
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