What are Dynamic QRCodes ?
Fast-QRs are as easy and simple as QRCodes.
Store your Fast-QRs
Every Fast-QR edited are saved, and you can access them later in your dashboard. You can then share them without recreating a Fast-QR again.
Edit your Fast-QRs
When you edit a Fast-QR, you can change the content, size, color, image, shape etc.
More importantly, when changing content, it is instantly propagated to the world.
Display Fast-QRs content
If you have specific file formats PDF, images, text, etc., it will by default display your content using a Fast-QR interface.
Shorten your Fast-QRs
When creating a Fast-QR, you have access to unlimited1 space. It also optimizes the QRCodes size for scanning.
Manage your Fast-QRs
Using your dashboard, you can manage your Fast-QRs. You can edit your Fast-QRs, delete them, share them and get simple statistics.
Experience reliability
QRCodes can be scanned at any time, anywhere, by anyone. Powered by Rust, Fast-QR is simply the fastest.
What for companies ?
Benefit from previous and more
Generate many Fast-QRs
If you want to generated a large number of Fast-QRs, following a specific pattern, for example `id-XXXXX`, you can use our provided API.
If you need more private and secure options, they are also available, such as uuids, hashes, etc.
If you have more specific needs, you can contact us.
Monitor Fast-QRs statistics
You have access to more detailed statistics, such as the number of times a Fast-QR has been scanned, the approximate geolocation of the scans, the brand of the mobile device used to scan, etc.
We try to provide the most accurate statistics possible, with the best design possible for easy and fast access to data.
Configure Fast-QRs
If you want to configure a maximum number of scans, an approximate location, or time frame, everything is possible.
Again, if you have more specific needs, you can contact us.
1. You can store as much text as you want in a QRCode, as long as it is less than 1MB. If you need to store a large image or any asset, you can have a premium account and store files up to 20MB.
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